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Laughing gas tanks

Nitrous oxide tanks are good value at EnjoyGas

Are you organising a big party or event and you want to offer nitrous oxide gas? A nitrous oxide tank is the perfect solution. With a nitrous oxide tank, filling your balloons with nitrous oxide gas is so much quicker and easier. Supplying nitrous oxide gas from a tank not only saves you lots of work – it also saves you lots of money.

At EnjoyGas, nitrous oxide tank prices start from €40.00 and we don’t require a deposit for our cylinders. All EnjoyGas orders are packaged discreetly. So no-one will know you’ve bought a tank of nitrous oxide.

The advantages of a nitrous oxide tank are:

  • Cheaper than bulbs
  • More user-friendly
  • Balloons filled more quickly
  • No deposit required

Upgrade your nitrous oxide game with a nitrous oxide tank.

Nitrous oxide gas of the same quality, but cheaper

Why is nitrous oxide in tanks so cheap? It’s a simple calculation: one cream whipper bulb contains 8 grams of nitrous oxide. So for 2 kg of nitrous oxide, you would need 250 cream whipper bulbs. The cost of packaging and dispatching individual bulbs mounts up considerably. These costs are not incurred when filling and dispatching nitrous oxide tanks.

Our smallest nitrous oxide tank contains 2 kg of nitrous oxide, equivalent to 250 nitrous oxide bulbs. The bigger the tank, the more advantageous the price. See the comparison below and decide for yourself.

  • The cost of 250 cream whipper bulbs is €75
  • The cost of a 2 kg tank of nitrous oxide is €40

How do nitrous oxide tanks work?

One of the biggest advantages of nitrous oxide tanks is their user-friendliness. Say goodbye to the queues and hassle with whipped cream nozzles or nitrous oxide crackers. You won’t believe how quickly you can fill the balloons.

Filling a balloon literally takes one turn of your hand: attach a balloon to the spout of the nitrous oxide tank, open the tap and your balloon is filled. Nitrous oxide tanks contain exactly the same gas as cream whipper bulbs: 99.9% pure N₂O.

We supply the nitrous oxide tank ready for use. So you can get straight onto handing out balloons or making an enormous cream cake.

To make things even easier, you might choose to invest in an extra nipple or a handy spray gun. You don’t actually need a spray gun to fill the balloons but it does let you fill them in style.

Does nitrous oxide gas from a tank have the same effect as bulbs?

Absolutely. In fact, the effects will probably be more intense. Since you determine how much nitrous oxide gas you put in a balloon, the dose is often higher too. Nitrous oxide tanks contain exactly the same gas as cream whipper bulbs, i.e. 99.9% pure N₂O.

The EnjoyGas cylinder system

Your party is our mission! So, at EnjoyGas, we don’t require a deposit for nitrous oxide cylinders. We’ve designed a unique cylinder system so that everyone can party with nitrous oxide tanks.

It works like this: you place your order in the online shop (don’t forget the balloons), we then send the nitrous oxide tank in attractive, discreet packaging and you can return the cylinder whenever convenient for you. If you return the tank at one of our distribution centres, you’ll earn a major discount on your next order.


Order some laughing gas tanks and receive it in no time! There are bad suppliers, but enjoygas always has quality, top service!

Harry Powell

Very high quality, wide range and sturdy and discreetly packaged!

Frankie Ward

There was a mistake made with my order, but I called and it was resolved immediately, top service !!


High-quality gas, and a wide range of n2o tanks and excellent service!

Stan de Bruin

(Re) ordered at the last minute but still delivered to storage the same day!

Lydia Gill

What a fantastic company! I wanted to laugh and I succeeded too😜 good service and fast delivery.


Ordering was easy and delivery was very fast. Can order everything at once for a good price.

Jeroen Werken